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Rosh Hashanah 5775, marks the commencement of the Shmitoh year.

This results in many Israeli products becoming subject to the complex

Halachic restrictions that effect Shmitoh produce. One must therefore check

for country of origin and avoid making any such purchases.

Fresh Vegetables and Herbs, which gain their Shmitoh status if picked after

Rosh Hashanah, can be in our shops literally within days. Fruit trees are

governed by blossoming rather than harvesting and therefore the Shmitoh

issue will only impact later in the year.

Garlic, although a vegetable, does not have issues of Shmitoh until March


In the event that you find that you have accidentally purchased any

forbidden items, a competent Halachic Authority should be consulted.

We will endeavour to keep you alerted as products are placed on the UK




1. What is shmitoh? The land of Israel enjoys a Sabbath rest, as the verse states '...and the land

shall rest a Sabbath to the L-rd' (Leviticus 25:1). Consequently, shmitoh produce is subject to

many restrictions.

2. Does it apply to fruit, vegetables and flowers? It applies to fruit, vegetables and fragrant


3. From when do the dinim of shmitoh begin? Regarding Vegetables & Flowers to produce

harvested from the beginning of the shmitoh year. Often produce may reach this country

within a few days of harvesting. The restrictions on fruit only start later on in the year, for

more details contact the Beth Din. We do endeavour to notify the public.

4. When do the shmitoh restrictions end? Each product has its own approximate date. Contact

the Beth Din for details.

5. If one unintentionally bought shmitoh produce, may he exchange it? If the vendor is Jewish,

observant and aware of the halochas of shmitoh, it can be returned; otherwise it should not

be returned.

6. If one bought shmitoh produce (fruit or vegetables) may one eat them? Vegetables may not

be eaten, Fruit may be eaten, the remains, including peels should be discarded as described

in the following question.

7. How does one discard shmitoh produce? It should be put aside in a place where no one will

not come to eat them (e.g. Garage) and left to rot. Once rotten they may be discarded.

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