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Early records show that prior to 1892, shechita was administered under the aegis of Manchester Old Hebrew Congregation. However, with the growth and development of the Manchester Community it appears that a decision was taken to emulate other communities by vesting the control of Kashrus in a constitutionally formulated representative body. As a result, on January 24th 1892 the first meeting was held and so the Manchester Shechita Board came into existence.

The Board and Cheetham Hill Road seem to have had an almost magnetic attraction for each other as from a room in the Old Hebrew Congregation on Cheetrham Hill Road it moved to numbers 97, 198, 149, and 435 where it remained until locating to its current position on Bury Old Road, itself a continuation of Cheetham Hill Road.

Although, originally a shechita organisation, the Board soon took upon itself the supervision of kashrus in general, the licensing of kosher outlets, responsibility for the appointment of a Beth Din, the provision of Mikvah facilities and the burial of the poor. Out of its somewhat meagre income it made grants to welfare and educational establishments even providing “Divine Services” over the “High Holydays” for those unable to afford the purchase of a Synagogue seat.

Whilst it cannot be said that there has always been total harmony within all sections of the community, there has existed for many years an excellent working relationship between the Board and the Machzikei Hadass, built on mutual respect and a unity of purpose to provide the highest standard of Kashrus and religious services throughout the Manchester Kehilla.

Over the ensuing decades, the Board, or Manchester Kashrus as it became known has grown to become a world-renowned Kashrus Authority whose hechsher is respected and trusted by the most discriminating kosher consumer. Its lay-leadership has, over the years, been vested in some of the most prominent communal leaders in the city.

At the beginning of 2011 a major re-construction of the organisation took place with the formation of four limited companies to replace the somewhat antiquated infrastructure.  These are known as Manchester Beth Din Ltd, MBD Kosher Certification Services Ltd and MBD Shechita Services Ltd and MBD Community Mikvah Ltd.

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