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It is clear that when the Manchester Jewish Community was founded the responsibility for the provision of Mikvaoth was incumbent on each Synagogue. Thus, for instance, the Manchester Great Synagogue, situated on Cheetham Hill Road had its own Mikvah. With the expansion of the Community and the opening of many more Synagogues it became clear that the provision of this facility required a communal approach. This was precisely the same scenario as with shechita and kashrus.

Thus, whilst from its earliest years the Board had made grants out of its surplus income to the Mikvaoth in Broughton and Cheetham, in 1950, incorporated into the Constitution of the Board is a responsibility to maintain a Beth Din, to provide burial facilities for the poor and to provide Mikva facilities, the basic building blocks of a community. This duty came to realisation with the opening of the Manchester Communal Mikvah in Tetlow Lane, the brainchild of Dayan J.J. Weisz ztl. the renowned Av Beis Din of the Manchester Beth Din.

In more recent years, with the expansion of the Community, Mikvaoth have opened in Whitefield and in Hale, both of which are under the Halachic authority of the Manchester Beth Din. There are plans for similar Mikvaoth in other areas which are still in their early stages. In addition, the Machzikei Hadass Communities have a Mikvah in Prestwich and will be opening a further facility in Salford in the near future.

It is now many years since the Tetlow Lane Mikvah was first commissioned. The building whilst sound externally requires a considerable programme of modernisation bringing it up to date with current standards.  This project is now well under-way and the Mikvah has undergone a considerable transformation.  There are many opportunities for dedications to enable the community to participate in this project.  Information is available from the offices of the Beth Din.

MIKVA'OTH (*under the authority of the Manchester Beth Din)

Manchester Communal Mikvah*

Broome Holme, Tetlow Lane, Salford 7 M7 4BU

Lady Attendant:   (Appointments for Friday and Yom Tov eves)  (0161) 740 4071 

(During opening hours only) 792 3970

Tevilas Keilim Mikvah:   Broome Holme, Tetlow Lane, Salford 7

Whitefield Mikvah*

Whitefield Hebrew Congregation, Park Lane, Whitefield

Use by appointment only: Ansaphone 796 1054 or 796 5761

Whitefiled Keilim Mikvah: Whitefiled Hebrew Congregation, Park Lane, Whitefield - by arrangement with the Shul Office 766 3732 

Naomi Greenberg South Manchester Mikvah*

Hale Synagogue, Shay Lane, Hale Barns     Use by appointment only 904 8296

South Manchester Keilim Mikvah, Hale Synagogue, Shay Lane, Hale Barns

Manchester & District Mikvah

Sedgley Park Road, Prestwich (Disabled facilities)  773 1537

Lubavitch Keilim Mikvah 62 Singleton Road, Salford, M7

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