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Mission Statement

  • Our mission is the provision of the highest possible standard of service to the Manchester Community and beyond.
  • We are committed to appointing and maintaining a Beth Din comprised of Dayanim of the foremost calibre and integrity to preside over the religious life of the Community and fulfilling all those tasks traditionally associated with a Beth Din.
  • We are committed to employing personnel to carry out Shechita and Kashrus activities, who are well qualified to do so, supported by efficient and professional administrative staff.
  • We view the provision of Kashrus as a partnership between itself and its licensees united in the aim of providing products which are both kosher to the highest standard whilst being affordable and easily available.
  • We recognise our wider role of protecting Shechita and by membership of the National Council of Shechita Boards aim to fulfil that function.
  • We recognise our  duty to support Mikvaois of the highest standard of Kashrus and design.
  • We are dedicated to serving the community in all aspects of religious life both directly and by liaison with other organisations set up for that purpose.
  • We are devoted to the arrangement of burials for the poor and non-associated, as well as to the administration of the Voluntary Chevra Kadisha.
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