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Why MBD?

Choosing a Kosher certifying agency is a serious business. It can impact on sales and reputation so it pays to be choosy.

Here are 10 reasons why that choice should be Manchester Beth Din:

  • We enjoy a global reputation for efficiency and integrity.
  • Major producers and small local businesses command the same respect and attention.
  • Our high standards are accepted by the most discriminating of consumers.
  • Our auditors and inspectors are highly trained, very experienced and totally trustworthy.
  • Our flexible fees allowing you to enter the kosher market without strangling the product at birth.
  • Our user-friendly staff can respond quickly to your every need.
  • Our systems are transparent and based on many years of excellent relations with client companies.
  • Our certificates are accepted unquestioningly by other kosher certifiers.
  • Being community-based, there is a strict ethos of accountability and assured continuity.
  • The rich legacy of our predecessors and the standards they set, guide us and inspire us to this day.

Thank you so much for choosing us!

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